A throwback!

Since our first visit at the Dominican Republic some time has passed and a lot has happened! Three times there were Headis players from Germany and gave everything to push Headis and the regular activities for the kids forward. Here you can see how Café con Leche is doing great work and we are happy to be a part of it! The first time we went there Carl Kenz was with us and showed his skills. (Pics 1-6: Der Brecher)

Headição KL

Exactley one year ago we handed three Headis tables to the Lina Pfaff school in Kaiserslautern. Since that day the boys and girls can play during their lessons and once a week there is a Headis class! Of course the game continues this school year!

The next step for Headição

After we changed the name of our Charity Project from „Headição – Balls for Brazil“ to „Headição – Balls for the World“ we will change it one more time. We have a new team member. It is the great Carl Kenz that will be among us when it’s: „Headição – Balls & Colorz for the World“! The new awesome logo of course is made by him. He already was together with us in the Dominican Republic and colored several decayed facades. The people around were really impressed and he also painted a guys Topcase of his motorcycle. That’s the spirit wa want to share. And we keep going!

Handover of Headição Painting to Peschla + Rochmes

As a sign for the good cooperation we gave this great painting to our partners Peschla + Rochmes. Of course it was painted by the talented Carl Kenz. We already could start a lot in Kaiserslautern. An we will go on! In fall we will gave more tabletennistables to the Lina-Pfaff-School und give another Workshop. The caption below the painting couldn’t be more appropriate: “Nobody has ever become poor by giving”.

Headição goes to Shanghai

You want another milestone?

In early June we will go with Headição to Shanghai on the ISPO Shanghai. In February, we accepted the Brand Award in the category Social Awareness at ISPO Munich. Only four months later, we can present our project to the first ISPO Shanghai. We are traveling with 4 players to China and give everything.

One more time: Thanks for all the Headição support!

First Headição Action in Kaiserslautern

In mid of June we were the first time in Kaiserslautern for an Headição project. The Headis inventor Headi Potter and Headonis were at the Lina-Pfaff-School to give 100 children a workshop and show them Headis for the first time. In addition to the Headis Workshop each participant received his own Headição shirt. Moreover an outdoor plate was handed over, which was extremely stylish sprayed from the Kaiserslautern artist Carl Kenz. To conjure children a smile on their face by Headis is always something special. There are also many refugee children at the Lina-Pfaff-School, which are in Germany only recently, so that day was a special affair of the heart.


In autumn we will be again at the Lina-Pfaff-School to hand over two more indoor plates and conduct further workshops with the kids. Many thanks to our partners from Peschla + Rochmes who were themselves on the spot.

4 Headicao KL an der Lina Pfaff Schule. Fotograf Der Brecher

Thanks for the photos, which as always come from Brecher!

Headição in the Dominican Republic

Less than a year ago we were in Brazil with Headição und built headis tables together with underprivileged children. Right now we are at our partners Café con Leche in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Here we built three headis tables und gave children that are used to play with garbage an alternative. The artist Carl Kenz was there with us. He painted decayed walls new and showed some children how to use his Graffiti-Tools.

An extensive report of our trip will be published in a few weeks.

Headição Kaiserslautern!

The awarded Charity Project Headição that was implemented in Brazil and the Dominican Republic will be started in Kaiserslautern (the birth-place of Headis). The Project will help underprivileged children and refugees to integrate themselves and motivate them to do sports.

We also want to create a communal spirit and a place to get together on a regulary base. We will work together with local institutions so the table tennis tables will be looked after in future.

We are happy to have found a partner in Kaiserslautern: Peschla und Rochmes. Thanks to them we have the first partner to initiate Headição in Kaiserslautern.

Next Round for Headição

In December 2013 we started Headição. Since that day the feedback is magnificent! Already in May 2014 we were able to visit our partners in Brasil to enable lots of children to do sports.

The support is still great. “Balls for Brazil” becomes “Balls fpr the World”. Our friends and partners Café con Leche do a great job in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and we are happy to support them in our way. We will get out the tools and build as many Headis tables as possible one more time!

We are proud to have found several partners for Headição so fast. After Santo Domingo there are alreay plans to go to South Africa. But first it’s time for the kids at Café con Leche. That project assists children and young adults when they suffer problems like prostitution, violence, drugs, racism, etc. Things that many of us only know from the news are every day life for lots of the people there. We would like to be a small part in showing a prospect to the kids together with Cafe con Leche.