“Headição” – The translation of Headição is „The big Headis“. Nice! This new word refers to „Seleção” – the name of the Brazilian soccer national team.

The Project is initiated by the inventor of Headis René Wegner and his team. They are supported by Joachim Gögel, founder of the Tabletennisschool Primeira Bola in Goîania, Brazil and “Café con Leche” (Dominican Republic). Brecher Visual Communication (Design and Documentation) and Carl Kenz (Design and Realisation) are part of Headição as well . Several Partners, athletes, artists and friends support us with common projects and donations.

The first goal of Headição was to bring Headis to Brazil. Not to the great stadiums that are built for the soccer world championships but to the places where possibilities of sports and personal development are needed. We visited several orphanages and enrich the establishment. In May 2014 we built Headis-Tables together with the people in Brazil.

Meanwhile our project is named „Headição – Balls & Colorz for the World”. Headição has already been to the Dominican Republic and realised refugee projects in Germany. The next goal is South Africa! Additionally Carl Kenz is a new team member who redesigns decayed walls in the Ghettos we bring Headis to.

If you want to support us in any kind of way just contact us at We want to hear any of your suggestions.

This is where the idea comes from

We have had the idea to start a charity project for quite a while and the requirements of Headis are so simple that everybody can play Headis. Headis is a cheap and great alternative for everybody that doesn’t have a bobsled run and an expensive bobsleigh. The Olympics are over. Nobody knows what will happen with the infrastructure in Russia.

But we know what will happen with our tables in Brazil: They will be used by kids that can have fun in their community! Watch this video if René (it’s in English)