Die Partnerschaft geht weiter

Wir bedanken uns bei der Würth GmbH!

Wie bereits im Sommer unterstützt uns Würth bei unserem weltweiten Projekt, um noch mehr Headis-Tische bauen und noch mehr Kinder erreichen zu können. Die Summe geht direkt in die Materialien. mit denen wir z.T. gemeinsam mit den Betreuern vor Ort weitere Headis-Tische errichten werden.

Men at work

It takes lots of hours to set up those tables and the guys even had to follow the shadow due to the heat. But compared to electricity failures that was a minor problem!

Headição goes St. Wendel

Headição is not just about the whole wide world. We also try to cooperate with local partners. So we’re happy to hand out an outdoor-table to the Youth-Living-Group of the  Stiftung Hospital Sankt Wendel in Schiffweiler. Here young adults are fully mentored.

On top of that we could also give nine HesherBall-Sets to other Youth-Living-Groups so now more than 100 people have a nice variety in their everyday life!

HesherBall goes South Africa

“Balls and Colorz for the World”! So HesherBall is just a great match.

Using a HesherBall Set you can turn a table into a playground within minutes with little effort. Two to three sets are enough to keep a whole class moving and so we’re happe to upgrade our project with HesherBall! #keepitrollin

HesherBall will be with us!

Balls and Colorz for the World!

That’s our motto and we’re happy to announce that from now on HesherBall will be part of Headição. The HesherBall-Sets are easily atteched to almost any table and lots of kids can play together!

Check out the video:

Doing and looking good!

With our new Headição Wristbands you can support our project and represend Balls & Colorz for the World! Just choose your favourite colorway and be part of Headição! From the 5€, 4€ go to the project. By the way: All other donation or the deposit at our tournaments are 100% used for Headição!

Headição @ Würth

For the new Würth-branch in Kaiserslautern there was a nice opening ceremony. For this occasion we brought a beautiful table labled with Würth & Headição. The Headis join-in-acitivity was lots of fun for the visitors and we saw some nice action.

“Handing out the Table”
v.l.n.r.: Eric Meiser (Headicao), Giuseppe Faldetta (Würth), Heike Stumpf-Matheis (Shop-Mitarbeiterin), Christian Müller (Geschäftsniederlassungsleiter), René Wegner (Headicao), Thomas Wahl (Geschäftsführer), Thomas Veith (Shop-Leiter), Philpp Maier (Niederlassungsleiter), Babak Hadizadeh (Würth), Matthias Schlicker (Würth)

This incredible outdoor table was donated to the Jugendförderverein Kaiserslautern Nord and now will be placed in the Naturfreibad Otterberg, so lots of kids and young adults have access to the table. The opening ceremony also had a nice tombola and the proceeds were entirely donated to Headição by the Würth GmbH. Thanks a lot!

“Handing out the table to its final location”

v.l.n.r.: René Wegner (Headicao), Philpp Maier (Niederlassungsleiter Würth), Eric Meiser (Headicao), Babak Hadizadeh (Würth), Gabriel Stahl (Trainer A-Jugend JfV Kaiserslautern Nord), Michael Chlipko, Armin Jansa (Spieler A-Jugend JfV), Richard Schady (Fan), Aron Schady (Spieler A-Jugend JfV), Martina Stein (Bürgermeisterin Stadt Otterberg), Matthias Wolf (Vorsitzender JfV), Timo Günther (Vorsitzender SV Otterberg), Sven Jung (Vorsitzender JfV)

Update from Dominican Republic

Our project is about kids doing sports together! So our goal is not only to visit them once and leave but to set up a long termed sports programm. So we’re happy to see that the kids are still having fun at the table.

We also send them new balls several times and some money to build new tables.

Ball signed by Mats Hummels is sold

Mats didn’t have to think twice to sign the Ball for Headição. At our shooting in Munich he also did really well playing Headis!

Donation for Mats Hummels Ball successful!

On all our channels people could bid on the ball. From the very first day Corazon and Lauchgesicht rose the bids. Finally Lauchgesicht won with 60€!

He will receive the Ball and the framed picture of René and Mats at the next tournament. Thanks you! The donation will go straight to our next Headição-Trip in South Africa!

New Balls for Port Elizabeth

Our stay in Port Elizabeth was some months ago but the guys from weltwärts of the ASC Göttingen kept on running Headição there. The students still have lots of fun playing!

The next volunteers were send there in August. Of course they were tought Headis before their departure. We also donated 30 more balls so Headis can be continued over there in the most effectice way.

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