Playmate-Support for René

The famous Tanja Szewczenko that took part at the Olympics and also has been to the german Playboy three times, coached René at his kur. Check out the video and Renés great outfit. Thanks to everybody who supported the Headição Charity Challenge. Thanks to you Tanja.

Headição wins the international ISPO Award

The international Business Network ISPO is electing the greatest products of the sports industry. Several hundres of projects participate every year. This year there were nine categories, one of them was “Social Awareness”. To all the nine categories there where  431 submissions from 32 countries. We are proud to have won the ISPO Award for Social Awareness. In february we will be at the ISPO to present our project to an international audience. Check out our appearence at the ISPO-Homepage.

Headição is a Charity Project initiated by Headis. We support underprivileged children in Brasil, the Dominican Republic and hopefully many more places. They get the opportunity to develop socially. We are collecting deposit at our events and at several universities all over Germany.  100% of the collected money is given to Headição. In May 2014 we were in Brasil, In April 2015 we were in the Dominican Republic to build several Headis tables together with the people there. We brought along lots of Headis balls, showed them how to play and how to teach it to each other.

Tanks a lot to anybody who has donated or in any kind of way participated at Headição. This project wouldn’t have been possible without you. If you have any idea to support us, feel free to contact us. We want to hear all of your ideas. Hearts, Heads and Balls!


Straight from the beginning of Headis the community was especially creative. The newest example: The Flying Dutchman! For every Volley-Move which he does at the Headness-Tournament in Münster at the 6th of September 2014 he donates 1 Euro to Headição!

We really love the idea and are happy about anyone who gets inspired by it to do good and support the people in Brazil!

TU Ilmenau now also supports Headição

Our goal is to set up tons throughout Germany. If you want to support Headição too, get in touch and we will arrange that a ton will be brought to your university!

We are pleased to add TU Ilmenau to our list of partners. Thank you for your support!

Headicao Pfandtonne

Daily updated pictures from Brazil

Everyday the Brecher is uploading the most impressive pictures from Goîania. There is a lot to discover: The first tables are build and matches are played! The guys put a lot of commitment into Headição to fulfill our goals. Check it out here. Thanks a lot for all the support!

Flight to Brazil starts now!

At the 14th of december 2013 we started collecting donations and deposit bottles, sold hundreds of charity-bracelets, printed shirts and in addition René got beaten to get enough money to fly to Brazil and help people.

Starting the project we had following goals:

  • Visit orphonages in Brazil and build Headis-tables there
  • Give Headis-workshops in a country where Portoguese is spoken
  • Do something good at the other end of the world

Together with the help of the Headis-community and many more friends and partners we did it! After only 5 month we are ready to fly to Goiânia and fulfill our goals.

We are really proud of what happened to Headição and happy for your awesome support. Now we are able to build up the basics for our further actions. We want to help Brazil on our own way till 2016. Let’s go!

We never stop!

On friday, the 25th of april, the annual “Nacht, die Wissen schafft” organized by the TU Kaiserslautern was taking place. Of course Headis presented the sport and took the chance to collect further money for Headição. Headis-newcomers had the chance to play versus the legendary players Rolli der Schlächter and Schnäpps Power. For every point they score the Headis-founder René donates one Euro from his own money to the project! Hero of the project was Fabian Niederprüm who was able to beat Schnäpps Power in his first game ever with 11:8.

Lions Club Kaiserslautern Lutra supports us with 500€!

The support never stops! The Lions Club fosters culturell and social projects all around the world. Because thats exactly what we do, they donated 500€ for Headição.

The money will be used directly for the material, which we need to build the Headis-tables in Brazil. End of december our partner from Brazil, Joachim Gögel, gave us the information that the prices of brasilian DIY superstores are the same like in Germany. So they money from the Lions Club is enough to build 4 or 5 Headis-tables for the kids!

Thank you very much Lions Club Kaiserslautern Lutra