Flight to Brazil starts now!

At the 14th of december 2013 we started collecting donations and deposit bottles, sold hundreds of charity-bracelets, printed shirts and in addition René got beaten to get enough money to fly to Brazil and help people.

Starting the project we had following goals:

  • Visit orphonages in Brazil and build Headis-tables there
  • Give Headis-workshops in a country where Portoguese is spoken
  • Do something good at the other end of the world

Together with the help of the Headis-community and many more friends and partners we did it! After only 5 month we are ready to fly to Goiânia and fulfill our goals.

We are really proud of what happened to Headição and happy for your awesome support. Now we are able to build up the basics for our further actions. We want to help Brazil on our own way till 2016. Let’s go!