First Headição Action in Kaiserslautern

In mid of June we were the first time in Kaiserslautern for an Headição project. The Headis inventor Headi Potter and Headonis were at the Lina-Pfaff-School to give 100 children a workshop and show them Headis for the first time. In addition to the Headis Workshop each participant received his own Headição shirt. Moreover an outdoor plate was handed over, which was extremely stylish sprayed from the Kaiserslautern artist Carl Kenz. To conjure children a smile on their face by Headis is always something special. There are also many refugee children at the Lina-Pfaff-School, which are in Germany only recently, so that day was a special affair of the heart.


In autumn we will be again at the Lina-Pfaff-School to hand over two more indoor plates and conduct further workshops with the kids. Many thanks to our partners from Peschla + Rochmes who were themselves on the spot.

4 Headicao KL an der Lina Pfaff Schule. Fotograf Der Brecher

Thanks for the photos, which as always come from Brecher!