Next Round for Headição

In December 2013 we started Headição. Since that day the feedback is magnificent! Already in May 2014 we were able to visit our partners in Brasil to enable lots of children to do sports.

The support is still great. “Balls for Brazil” becomes “Balls fpr the World”. Our friends and partners Café con Leche do a great job in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and we are happy to support them in our way. We will get out the tools and build as many Headis tables as possible one more time!

We are proud to have found several partners for Headição so fast. After Santo Domingo there are alreay plans to go to South Africa. But first it’s time for the kids at Café con Leche. That project assists children and young adults when they suffer problems like prostitution, violence, drugs, racism, etc. Things that many of us only know from the news are every day life for lots of the people there. We would like to be a small part in showing a prospect to the kids together with Cafe con Leche.