The Team for South Africa: Carl Kenz

Carl Kenz is the latest Member of Headição. He is active for many years for Headis though and since 2015 he is part of our Charity Project! The colorful Logo of course is made by Carl Kenz! In 2015 he went with us to the Dominican Republic as we built several Headis tables. For an Headição Action in Kaiserslautern he painted an Outdoor table extremly nice and helps us to get more publicity for this beautiful project!

His function at our Headição stay inPort Elizabeth:

In Port Elizabeth he will redesign decayed facades in an artful way. In Santo Domingo he also painted several helmet cases of the residents and they were stoked! In South Africa there will be facades that need some color, too and this guy will bring it there!

Headis Headicao DomRep Cafe con Leche (42)
Headis Headicao DomRep Cafe con Leche (1)

Currently he donated the wall he painted at the first Headis Tournament in Lahr! Until the 19th of March you have the chance to bid for the 12 massive wooden pieces and make one of them yours!