South Africa calling

For some month it’s clear that we will go to South Africa for our next Headição stay. Starting today we will provide you with specific news regarding our. On the 20th of March our team will fly to Port Elizabeth and they will give everything they have got to build Headis tables for the kids! We will visit the following schools:

  • Lamany Primary School
  • Ben Sinuka Primary School
  • Jarvis Primary School
  • Charles Duna Primary School

All schools are in the Township New Brighton in Port Elizabeth

Our team members:

  • René Wegner (Headis Inventor): Building Tables & Workshops
  • Eric Meiser: Building Tables & Workshops
  • Der Brecher: Documentation Foto & Video
  • Carl Kenz: renewing facades with art

We will introduce all team members to you next week!

The coorporation with the different schools came out of the Headis Community. The former #1 of the World Ranking Spiff (Ingo Dansberg) is part of the project weltwärts for years and is working with volunteers in South Africa. We will introduce you this initiative next week as well!

As always we say THANK YOU to everybody who supports Headição in any kind of way! Until the 19th of March you have the chance to be part of our silent auction and keep supporting this beautiful project!