Our trip to Port Elizabeth

14.800 Km seperate Kaiserslautern and Port Elizabeth. At the end of march we went there to build four Headis tables at four schools. The trip characetrized by minor obstacles and major excitement!


This term is part of all our Headição trips. This year the host of our apartment told us directly at our arrival that rain barrels are very hard to find in South Africa. So we changed the timetable, ordered some rain barrels and managed the new situation.

Table tennis tables need more than just rain barrels so in the meantime we started drilling holes and laminating the wood. Some of the schools didn’t have electricity so we had to prepare everything in our apartment! We had big plans and at the end of the week of course everything worked out! This time we even were in a country where more than one of us was able to speak the local language!

Bilder: Der Brecher


The team spirit of the Headição makes these trips so special! The owner of our apartment was called  Fred und helped us a lot! Fred was a big Fan of Headição since we tole him about our project at our arrival. After telling us about the problem of getting rain barrels he helped us to find a solution for this problem. Just on the next day he drove us to a special plastic store to order some barrels. This has probably saved us from traipsing around the whole city!

Headição is based on this solidariy und every single Euro donated shows the love to this project!


The most important thing about Headição is to spread the fun playing Headis as a collective. All those smiling kids once more showed us that this project is the perfect way for us to make that happen. The joy that is brouht to us by the kids makes every trip unforgettable. Our partner in charity Carl Kenz also contributes the fullfil this goal. The joy that is getting back to us is so special every time. Just read what Kenz has to say: As I was alsmost done with my artwork, a surreal humoristc peace sign incl the Nelson Mandela quote “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, the kids had a break an suddenly there was nothing but party! 300 kids were dancing around me and celebrating the painting! I never witnessed something comparable! A unique experience for my and one more reason to keep going!”


On our trip we met a lot of people and got a lot of support. The boys and girls of  „weltwärts“ will supervise Headis in the future. They already had the idea of organising a tournament for all four schools. Already during our fligh back home we received the first pictures of kids playing! That’s the spirit we want to spread around the world! Thanks to everybody who supports us!

Our guy Carl Kenz says: “Another highlight at the Charles Duna school were kids screaming “KENZ KENZ KENZ” on our last day after I finished the artwork. So far I only saw something like that at huge concerts and to be honest in such a moment you feel somehow small, surreal, goosebumps deluxe…”!

There is nothing left to be added!